About us

We are a team of six from all different walks of life who have a simple vision of inspiring and providing people with the opportunity to make a contribution to the health of our planet, however big or small. Together, we have decided to create an online database of products, ideas and organizations centred around sustainability and environmental protection.

We are an open-minded, positive and optimistic group of likeminded people who would like to encourage and motivate each other and others positively.

Due to limited resources we are focusing for the time being on our own backyard of the german speaking part of Switzerland. That does not mean we are not open for input (products, ideas and organisations) from other regions or countries. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas via e-mail: kontakt@six4planet.ch.

(f. l. t. r.) Sandra, Fredy, Sabrina, Steffi, Camilla and Evi